Welcome to the Lesley Meditation Group!

Come relax with us!

The Lesley Meditation Group open to all students, faculty and staff at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. We share, learn and practice a variety of meditative techniques, including using breath, imagery, movement, sound, creativity and compassion.

Meetings are Tuesday evenings, 7:30-8:30PM in Women's Center in White Hall on the Main Campus Quad (inside White Hall next to the Dining Hall).

Fall 2010 Meetings begin on October 5th.

Each week we begin with breathing, stretching, and either a body scan or progressive muscle relaxation. Then we focus on the theme and technique for that week, and end with about 10-15 minutes of silent meditation.

This group is facilitated by graduate students in the Lesley Counseling Psychology Division with certification from the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine to teach basic stress reduction techniques.

For more information or to be added to the weekly email list, contact Renee at meditate@lesley.edu.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Special Opportunities!

There will NOT be a meditation group at the Women's Center this week; we will resume next week. Sorry for the long hiatus.

Instead of our usual meeting this week, we'll be attending a free meditation workshop in the tradition of Sri Chinmoy, that is going to be at Lesley but in University Hall (there were some flyers up in University Hall). The workshop will be the next 4 weeks, at the same time as our meditation group, 7:30PM. I will only be attending for the first week, but I encourage any of you to attend any of those workshops instead of the usual meditation group, as you'd like.

Free Meditation Classes from Tradition of Sri Chinmoy
University Hall Room 4-040
Tuesdays Oct. 27, Nov. 3, Nov. 10, Nov. 17

I spoke with Begabati Lennihan today, who will be teaching the classes.
http://www.freemeditationboston.org/ (site is still in development)

Here is a bit about Sri Chinmoy, on the website about these classes:

In addition to teaching meditation, Begabati is a homeopathy practitioner and teacher, and has been renting space here at Lesley for the past few years, and she has taught about homeopathy in Jan Wall's classes.

Her practice pape: http://greenhealing.org/
Her school page, with information about the Homepathy class on Nov 7-8: http://www.homeoschool.org/


Monday, October 5, 2009

Back in the women's center

As there is a choir rehearsal right below Stebbins 203, we will be moving back to the Women's Center. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Room change-Stebbins 203

We are off to a great start this semester! Due to a large interest (we had 14 students at our first meeting), we have changed rooms, at least for the time being. We will be meeting in Stebbins 203 for our Tuesday 7:30-8:30 meditation group until further notice. Please keep an eye out for fliers in Stebbins and White Hall for same-day updates on location.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fall 2009 Schedule

Greetings everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

As the summer is winding down, I'm starting to think about the Fall semester and the Meditation Group.

I'm hoping to facilitate two weekly meetings, one on Tuesday evenings, 7:30-8:30PM, at the Women's Center in White Hall, and one during lunchtime in University Hall. Lesley students and employees are welcome to attend either. I hope to set a schedule by early September.

Last year, I did not get all the paperwork to make this an official student activity group, which would be one avenue to funding. I am still looking for current undergraduates who would be willing to volunteer as board members.

Please email me at meditate@lesley.edu with any thoughts, questions, or suggestions.

See you soon!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mental Health Awareness Week

April 13-17 is Mental Health Awareness week at Lesley University. We have two special events planned. We hope to see you there! Thanks to Christina for coordinating this!

Relaxation and Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Reduction

Tuesday, April 14, 7pm-8:30pm, Wolfard 204

Feeling overwhelmed by school, work, and life? Learn how to manage stress and increase your well-being with quick and simple stretching and meditation techniques. Facilitated by Renee Therrien, graduate student.

Spirituality and Health: How to Integrate Your Spirituality into a Healthy Life Style

Wednesday, April 15, 7pm-8:30pm, Wolfard 204

Do you feel like something is missing in the frantic pressure of student life? Learn why making time for experiences of connection with self, others, and the "spirit of life" can increase your health. We will listen to music from several spiritual traditions, and enjoy a brief meditation. Facilitated by Prof. Jared Kass, GSASS, Counseling and Psychology Division.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Spring 09 semester has begun!

Two weeks into the spring semester and I am quite excited! We've had a nice handful of people show up to both meetings, although there is certainly room for more. I have several new people to add to the email lists from the student activity fair; and I'm working on trying to get us funding for meditation leaders (I'm looking for undergrads who would be willing to take a leadership role to make this an official undergrad student group--please email me if you are interested!)

Even more exciting, one of my classmates has joined us and will be leading on a semi-regular basis. Angela Wilson is a graduate student in the Counseling Psycholgy Program, has practiced meditation for five years and has taught at the Kripalu Institute (http://www.kripalu.org/). (Her profile: http://www.kripalu.org/article/505/). She will be leading us in Vipassana meditation and yogic breathing. Welcome Angela!

I look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Student Activity Fair: Tuesday, Feb. 3, 12-6PM

I will have a table set up at the Lesley University Student Activities Fair in the Student Center on Main Campus on Tuesday, February 3 from 12 to 6PM. Please drop by!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lesley Today Article

Here is the link to the Lesley Today Article about the group:


A special thanks to Zach from Lesley Office of Public Affairs for doing this!